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Volunteer Hours

    Volunteer Hours beginning this year, will count towards Bright Futures scholarship opportunities. Make sure that you keep up with them and do not get behind in getting them completed. Remember that everything you do at this point since you are in high school, counts towards your transcript that will be reviewed by colleges that you hope to attend in the future. As such, make sure that you complete and properly document the volunteer hours from this point forward, Doing the minimum of 25 hours per year will not set you apart from others students who apply to the same colleges that you may want to attend. Try to exceed the minimums always and make yourself different from others. It can and probably will help you in the future.

  1. Community Service is strictly voluntary. This means that a student must not receive payment for their time.

  2. Students must document their Community Service with dates and times, as well as the name, phone number, and address of the person or organization supervising the activity (it is preferable that this not be a relative).

  3. At the beginning of the school year, students will be asked to complete a Community Service Learning Proposal that includes an evaluation and a short summary (3-4 paragraphs) of their experience. If you did not complete the Bright Futures proposal or turn it in at the end of the 08-09 school year, make sure that you get it to guidance and a copy to me as soon as possible.

Some possible community service hours can be located at the following web links that are supplied by guidance:


There are many other opportunities available to enrich the lives of people in our community and enhance personal growth. We know that the students will take advantage of these experiences.
Students may count their Service Learning hours towards the "Bright Futures, Academic Scholars Award" requirement for Community Service. A Bright Futures Community Service Proposal must be completed prior to accumulating the hours for the Academic Scholars Award.

Students can also obtain volunteer sources by checking the bulletin board in the cafeteria, or checking the LINKS book located in Guidance and the Media Center.


Important Links

  1. Student Handbook


  3. West Shore Accelerated Program Requirement

  4. Advanced Placement Information

  5. Florida Virtual High School Information -

  6. Brevard Virtual School

  7. Choosing a College Career Information

  8. Graduation Requirements

  9. Service Learning - Bright Futures

  10. Service Learning Criteria

  11. West Shore Course Sequence

  12. Choosing a College Career

  13. Scholarships and College Finance Information

  14. BPS AP Diploma of Distinction Information

  15. Planning Guide Information



Ms. Dina Dearmin - Students Last Names A-G

Dr. Spero Tschontikidis - Students Last Names H-O

Mrs. Glenda Lovel - Students Last Names P-Z


Accelerated Studies Requirements 

West Shore students in the class of 2009-2010 are required to complete two Accelerations for graduation. Students may complete an Acceleration in middle school by earning a passing grade in a World Language, Algebra I Honors, Geometry Honors, or Biology Honors. West Shore high school students may complete an Acceleration by successfully completing a college level class. College level classes include Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment classes.

Only one of the two Acceleration requirements can be satisfied while in middle school. Students may satisfy one or both Acceleration requirements while in high school. 

Students in the class of 2011 and after will need three Accelerations for graduation with one required from middle school and the other two will be satisfied in high school through Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment.  World Language requirement for graduation will be three years in succession of the same language.


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