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This page is intended to supply parents & students with information about our classes and daily information and procedures of class. Please review all of the information here and refer to it if there are any questions during the course of the year.

Class Supplies

During the course of the year various assignments and projects will be given and the necessary supplies will be discussed at the time of assignment with more than adequate notice. At the onset of class, everyone should have paper , something to write with, and an eager and open attitude to think critically and learn.

Note Taking

An important factor in listening is the ability to take notes and the review of those notes. A portion of critical review for students will be to review the notes that they take in class on lecture or other materials. Make sure that students review the Cornell note taking guide contained below.  It is a daily requirement to take notes in class.

Class Rules and Procedures

In class, there are three very basic and common sense rules. All of us know how these work and they are pretty easy to follow.


There are several procedures that go along with these rules and everyone should read the class rules and procedures which are linked below. These rules are based on common sense and the more that each of us follows them, the more learning and fun we will have in class. Make sure that you contact me if there are any questions concerning these.

Class Rules and Procedures

Edline On Line Grades

West Shore uses an online grade book and reporting tool known as Ed Line. This gives parents and students the opportunity to keep abreast of student grades at any time. Normally during the course of a month, I will update the grade reports at least twice. There may be some instances when larger projects are due that I will not be able to do this but generally it will be twice a month (usually more). During registration you should have received a password and access to this program. If at this time you don't have access you can contact the office for this information. It is an invaluable tool and had been very highly received by parents and students. If you need some assistance in getting access or using this please contact me. To see a sample Grade Report with an explanation - CLICK HERE.

On Line Testing (Test Pilot)

The online quiz program that I utilize has a USERID and PASSWORD feature. CLICK HERE FOR A TUTORIAL (SHORT) ON HOW TO ACCESS THE QUIZZES/TESTS.

Students need to use the following to log in to the quizzes. USERID is the students last name with the first initial of the first name, ie: Robert Sarver would be sarverr. Student PASSWORDS are their student ID number, which was on their registration.

If students have issues logging into, let me know and I will make accommodations until all of the issues are worked out. For the next couple of weeks, I will leave a self registration function on the quizzes that are due, but after these two weeks have concluded it will be removed. It usually takes a while to get everyone used to using this but let me know if there are any concerns.

Critical Thinking

Another important factor in class is Critical Thinking. We will use this process in many assignments during the course of the year. A copy of a guide is available below and should be referred to when assignments are due. Critical Thinking is something that needs to be practiced and is difficult to attain without a good core knowledge of the subject matter. Students will be expected to view issues and points from multiple perspectives, analyze what might occur under slightly different circumstance, and go far beyond simple yes or no answers.  The link below provides some questions that you may get used to asking yourself as you complete assignments or review material in class. I will be asking you many of these questions often.

Critical Thinking Question Guide

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is extensively used in assignments and on this web page. Students should download the newest version of Adobe Reader (free), for full access to the interactive content, and course material. Two link for downloading this program are on the US History Page. It may also be downloaded below (click the link)



Grades in this class are relatively easy to compile. Each assignment is worth a certain number of points and your grades are determined on a total point basis. Homework's are usually frequent and are anywhere from 40-80 points possible. Tests are generally worth 200-250 points. Essays are bi-weekly and are 125-175 points. There are a variety of assignments during a term. A sample grade report (without names) from one student is listed below (very bright young lady). CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SAMPLE GRADE REPORT. There are daily extra credit opportunities and many students who take the time to complete them benefit greatly.

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